We already have the Star Wars edition of Angry Birds and it looks like we will soon have some pinball. The game is being released by Zen Studios and will arrive as Star Wars Pinball. Some may recognize the Zen Studios name as the company behind Zen Pinball HD which is already available in the Google Play Store.

Speaking of the Zen Pinball HD app, those already playing that will be able to download the Star Wars themed tables as additional in-app purchases. Star Wars Pinball will also be available as a stand-alone game. Look for both of these to come available in the Google Play Store on February 27th.

The tables will bring features to include interactive 3D characters and each will focus on a different iconic moment from the Star Wars universe. There will be a total of ten Star Wars themed tables available. The initial release however will include just three of those ten. The first three will include Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Boba Fett, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Aside from table pricing ($1.99 per table) for those looking for the in-app purchase on Zen Pinball HD, we have yet to see what (if anything) the stand-alone version of Star Wars Pinball would be selling for. The Zen Pinball HD game is currently available for free and with support for Android devices running 4.0 ICS or later.

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