Here at Mobile World Congress we’re enjoying all sorts of smartphones, tablets, and Android-powered gadgets. One thing that we’re seeing plenty of is accessories too. Today we got a few minutes with LG’s latest offering, and they are calling it the LG Pocket Photo Printer. It’s a little big for a pocket but works quite well so read on for all the details.

It’s time to wirelessly print a few photos using the newly announced LG Optimus G Pro smartphone. The name “Pocket Photo” refers to a few things here. One being the miniature size of the printer, and the second being the small 2×3 images it prints out. Oh and did we mention this doesn’t use ink. Yea, basically it’s like magic!

The LG Pocket Photo is 4.76 x 2.83 x 0.94 inches in size and will print your photos in just under 30 seconds. If you’re wondering how it works, simply tap your smartphone to the NFC capable device and you’ll have that photo in-hand shortly. No wires needed here. NFC does all the work, and it’s rather fun. Take a quick peek at the video below:

While I don’t remember the last time I printed a photo, the option to do this completely without wires, and without the need for constantly getting more ink is rather neat. Add in the fact it’s all able to be done on the go with my Android smartphone and this little printer – and we’re liking it. I’m instantly thinking of all those Instagram users that want to share their photos with the real world, and not just with their social media following. Filters galore!


You’ll need the dedicated app from LG to send the images, but that’s all this neat little printer requires aside from the special paper. The printing process this machine uses is Zink – that’s Zero Ink paper technology. The paper has a layer of dye crystals that change color according to heat generated by the printer. All said and done you have a printed photo that can’t be smeared because there’s no ink, and you can make them whenever you want on the go.

Reps stated the device will be available in April for around 130 Euros, or roughly $170 USD. Although final pricing and release date aren’t confirmed. Hopefully it will be cheaper when the time comes. Who’s interested in buying one of these?