Today news has surfaced that the HTC One (M7) will be the companies only flagship “One” series smartphone released this year. The first thing that came to our minds was: what about Verizon? We know the new flagship HTC One is arriving on almost all major US carriers in mid March, but now it looks like Verizon might be left completely out in the cold.

Basically they are taking the same route as Samsung and a few others, which is that quality beats quantity. Instead of releasing multiple phones throughout the year, spending millions in research and updates, they’ll just launch a single flagship device. This doesn’t mean we won’t see some mid-range smartphones, this just means they won’t be focusing so much on the high end. We won’t be seeing an HTC One+ anytime soon.

Verizon is the only one left out here. We’ve seen reports that Verizon has their own device in the works, or maybe they’ll only get the DROID DNA which has been readily available for a few months. Recent leaks have unearthed an HTC DLXPLUS, which could be Verizon’s version of the HTC One. Most likely it will carry some sort of ‘DROID’ branding – since this is Verizon and all. Oh and probably a big Verizon logo front and center somewhere too.

What this all comes down to is marketing and brand strategy. HTC will be focusing all of their efforts on this new flagship smartphone we all know as the “One” and we won’t see another one, or the “Two” until next year. At least according to today’s reports. It’s a bold statement and HTC is banking hard on their new smartphone. Will you be buying the One, or opting for the GS IV?

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  1. The S4 hasnt been released as yet, but, I rather this “ONE’. The build quality, the design and the size are just right for me. Samsung has never impressed me on build quality and design. Something I look for when buying a phone.

  2. HTC really missed the boat on this one. It wouldn’t have killed them to have included a capable battery, say a 3300mAh at the least. Also they have remained recalcitrant and have ignored the desires of their fans for sd support. They also have made the software worse, not better. Lastly it remains to be seen if and how their “ultra pixel” 4MP camera will be up to snuff.
    I don’t think good looks alone will take this phone over the top.

  3. It was really a risk for HTC to have a 4mp camera on their new “flagship” phone because in appearance this isnt very attractive at all with an average MP on phones these days are 5MP or greater but they are going for quality and not quantity which i do like but the approach just imo should have been at least have a 5MP camera

  4. I Love the HTC Sense — But the biggest problem with HTC is that they are notorious in providing updates to their devices. Wife’s S2 which is older than my HTC Raider (Vivid) got the jelly bean update 3 weeks ago and no sign for my phone. Although the phone looks pretty good, but lack of updates will most likely make me switch to Samsung S4

  5. I konw that the majority will go for the S4, but i personally prefer tbe HTC One. I think htc one will be chosen by a little part of stilish people

  6. I reached out to htc and asked if they’d have a Tegra 4 device and a Snapdragon 800 smartphone, they said that anything is possible and that they had to keep up with the technology…

  7. Only flagship this year? The HTC Butterfly S already outpaces this in terms of specifications, so they’ve already made a phone that performs better than their flagship. Well done.


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