Motorola RAZR MAXX hits the UK in mid May

We're big fans of the Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX around these parts, due in no small part to its amazing performance in our three-day business trip test. The only thing we're not fond of is Verizon's insistence on a locked bootloader - something that users of the upcoming international model, the RAZR MAXX, won't have to worry about. The ones in the UK won't have to wait too long, either: Moto says that the slim phone with the massive battery will cross over the white cliffs of Dover sometime in the middle of May. The RAZR MAXX's biggest draw is its massive 3300mAh battery, the largest we've ever seen on any stock smartphone. This extra battery doesn't add a lot of extra bulk - the MAXX is just 8.9mm thick, which is only slightly thicker than the RAZR it's based on. In all other respects, the two phones share hardware and software specifications, from the 4.3-inch QHD AMOLED display to the Motorola-customized version of Android 2.3 to the 8MP 1080p camera. The ROMs for the RAZR and RAZR MAXX are even interchangeable. The RAZR MAXX doesn't get a removable battery, but it's one of the few phones for which that shouldn't be an issue, even for advanced users. Its 16GB of on-board storage can be augmented with a MicroSD card, though currently we don't know if the international model will get the free 16GB card that's bundled with the DROID RAZR MAXX on Verizon. UK Android fanatics and US importers will be glad to know that Motorola will likely offer a bootloader unlocker shortly after the phone is released, at a retail price of £359.00 before value-added tax. [timeline] [via KnowYourMobile]

Galaxy S III service manual shows conflicting specs [UPDATE]

We're sorry about the overabundance of Samsung Galaxy S III news on the site lately. Wait, no we're not - we're just as excited as you are. The latest tidbit comes from SamMobile, who got their hands on what appears to be a scan of a portion of the Galaxy S III's service manual (using the previously reported GT-I9300 model number). While the black-and-white diagram of the phone looks pretty close to what we've seen before, the specifications clash with both Samsung's official Exynos 4 Quad announcement and results spotted in the AnTuTu benchmark database.

Android 4.0 update lands for Sony Tablet S

Back in March, we mentioned that the Sony Tablet S would be getting the update to Android 4.0 ICS. Today is the day with the update now available for users to download. A video has turned up on YouTube showing the new features the tablet gets with the update. It's worth noting that it's unclear right now if the update is available to all Tablet S owners, or if it's rolling out in some sort of staggered method.

Panasonic Eluga hits Europe in unlocked flavor for £369

We've talked about the Panasonic Eluga smartphone in the past, if you enjoyed what you saw and thought you might like to have one for yourself, the smartphone is available now in Europe. You can buy the device unlocked via Expansys for £369 in black or silver colors. Shipping is free and you can have the device in a few days.

Google wanted subsidized Android data at $9.99 monthly

Some interesting facts have been coming out of the Google versus Oracle case centering on Android and patent infringement. We learned previously what the original planned Google phone would've looked like, lacking the touchscreen we're all familiar with today. Another factoid that has surfaced is that Google originally wanted to subsidize the costs of data plans to promote the adoption of its operating system.

UK Android fans to get Samsung Galaxy S Advance April 30

If you're in need of a new Android smartphone and Samsung is your brand, fans in the UK will be able to get their hands on the new Galaxy S Advance starting on April 30. Sure, we will have another new high-end device in the Galaxy S III before you know it with the official announcement coming in about a week. Some folks aren't in the market for high-end device or need a smartphone before that.

Samsung announces Exynos 4 Quad for the Galaxy S III

With just over a week to go until Samsung's "next Galaxy" event, more and more information is coming to light about the Galaxy S III - if that's even what it's going to be called. The latest tidbit comes from Samsung itself: they've announced that the upcoming phone will feature the Exynos 4 Quad, as previously rumored. This clashes with benchmarks for a phone labelled the Galaxy S III posted to the AnTuTu database earlier today, claiming that the phone used a dual-core Exynos architecture.

ASUS Transformer Prime GPS dongles shipping now

Last week ASUS opened up a registration page for owners of the Eee Pad Transformer Pad who were dissatisfied with the all-metal tablet's GPS reception, promising to send them an external GPS dongle to fix the issue. The first of those dongles (or as ASUS calls them, the "TF201 GPS Extension Kit") are now reaching owners' homes. If you havent's ordered one, you can register your Transformer Prime and apply for a free dongle at the ASUS support site.

Archos Arnova G3 tablets detailed

Most of Archos' tablets have a definite media focus, with a ton of customized software and options for large hard drives. Their Arnova line is meant to fulfill a more basic need with a generally lower price. Like their more expensive stablemates, the Arnova line is getting an Ice Cream Sandwich update with some revised hardware. ArcTablet spotted Archos' updated website detailing the new tablets.

Google Maps updated with elevation data and scale bar

If you're a Google Maps user and a hiker, mountain climber or just a data junkie, you'll want to update the app in the Google Play Store now. Two features previously restricted to Labs have graduated to the full app, and another has been added. The most interesting stuff is still happening in the Labs section, with the newly revised Measure feature allowing you to see elevation data. The new functions work with all current Android devices.