In case you haven’t been following along today. Google and Oracle are still knee-deep in battle and their lawyers have their work cut out for them. Lucky for us the lawsuit by Oracle is revealing all sorts of juicy information. From the original “Google Phone” in 2006, to the first ever revenue numbers of Android alone and more. All that and more can be seen below but check out this photo from 2010 revealing Google’s initial tablet UI for Android.

All the details provided here and from previous reports today (linked to below) are coming from slides released from the lawsuit. The image you see above is an early look of what appears to be a FroYo and Gingerbread based UI for tablets, with a few small ideas similar to what we know and have seen now with Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich. I for one actually like this more animated and casual design, although the new Holo theme is great too.

From the large widgets, to the simple multitask button on bottom and more. The quick icons for Gtalk, Gmail and Calender on the bottom left are interesting, and have since been replaced with on-screen navigation buttons. I actually wouldn’t mind a few of those with 4.0 but I’m happy with Ice Cream Sandwich just how it is too.

Looking over the data Google expected to sell around .5 million tablets in 2010, with those numbers increasing to over 20 million tablet sales by 2012. They also were forecasting to own almost a third of the tablet market by the end of 2012. Below you’ll see our coverage that in 2011 Google had around 27% of the tablet market – so that forecast seems quite accurate.

Pretty interesting results from today regarding the original Google Phone, Android’s earning, and even this tablet UI design. What do you guys think of the results, and do you like that tablet UI from 2010?

[Images via Oracle vs Google trial exhibit]