Those lonely old Samsung Galaxy devices like the original Galaxy Tab, the original Galaxy S, and a few others will never officially see Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich from Samsung. Instead they’ll be getting the hotly discussed Samsung “value pack” instead that will bring ICS-like features to the aging devices. Today that update appears to be ready.

Samsung originally stated the hardware would limit an upgrade to ICS, then changed their minds and in the end settled on the value pack and not an actual upgrade to ICS. With phones like the Nexus S getting ICS I see no reason the original Galaxy S can’t, but apparently Samsung feels different.

Enough of that, can’t change their mind. Instead for you lucky users that haven’t already flashed a custom ROM to those Galaxy devices, we have the prized “value pack” update available via Samsung Kies v2.0 starting today. You might need a translator but the info is available at The value pack brings facial recognition to Gingerbread, image capture while recording video, a multitask-like button, and a few other ICS style features to your Galaxy Tab.

We have no details on when this will be available elsewhere, but for now it’s available for South Korean clients on SKT, KT, LGU+ and for WiFi devices. Feel free to fire up Kies v2.0 and give it a try yourself, and expect these updates to hit XDA shortly.

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[via PocketDroid]