You can never be too rich or too thin, and it seems like Android manufacturers have taken the latter part of that saying to heart. Chinese phone maker Oppo released a teaser image of a 6.65mm-thin phone today, and if it comes to market any time soon the unnamed device will grab the title of world’s thinnest phone (for at least a month or two anyway). There’s no details part the picture, but the visuals can’t help but remind us of a certain flagship from everyone’s favorite litigious American manufacturer.

At present the holder of the world’s thinnest smartphone title is fellow Chinese manufacturer Huawei, whose Ascend P1 S was shown off at CES 2012. That phone was a mere 6.68mm thin, so if you just can’t stand that extra three hundredths of a millimeter sitting in your pocket, the Oppo mystery phone might be for you. To be honest, it looks pretty swanky too (despite the clear inspiration), with a full metal rim and an edgeless glass design. Just don’t drop it. Or hold it wrong.

Other details spotted in the teaser image are three capacitive navigation buttons which tell us that this is an Android device, and a trio of docking/charging pins like the Galaxy Nexus or HTC Rhyme. We’ve got no idea when this thing is coming, but given Oppo’s previous releases, it probably won’t be seeing the light of day outside of China.

[via Engadget]