MAXXimize your DROID RAZR with a $110 kit

The Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX is one of our favorite Android devices released this year. One of the only problems we had with it was that it was released so early this year... just a few weeks after those who had bought the DROID RAZR on day one were ineligible for a return. While the MAXX is an admittedly awesome long-haul machine, Moto and Verizon didn't win any fans with the timing. Now there appears to be an admittedly expensive cure for that particular flavor of buyer's remorse, in the form of an aftermarket kit that can transform a standard DROID RAZR into a DROID RAZR MAXX, massive 3300mAh battery and all.

Google’s Summer of Code gives students a part time job coding

Want to work for Google? Want something better to do this warm summer season instead of wasting away hours playing Xbox or mowing lawns to earn extra cash? Google has released details on their Summer of Code 2012. A initiative to give college students a seasonal, summer long part time job making money by coding for various different Google open source projects. Sounds like fun right? Read below for all the information.

Handcent SMS updated to v4.0 – adds ICS support and new UI

For those that love to send hundreds of text messages per hour I have good news regarding one of the most popular 3rd party text and picture message applications for Android. The popular SMS/MMS app Handcent, downloaded over 10 million times has just be updated today in the Play Store to version 4.0 and has tons of new features and a shiny new user interface.

Didn’t Get Google I/O tickets, don’t worry everything will be streamed live

So today Google opened what we can only call the flood gates for Google I/O 2012 registration, and flood gates might even be an understatement. With only 5,500 tickets available starting at 7:01 AM they had over 6000 clicks per second, and things sold out extremely fast. I've already seen countless angry tweets, and emails on the fact that no one that wanted to go -- actually got tickets. Even some extremely popular Android developers that could actually benefit from the event.

Google Drive cloud storage services tipped for April release

The masters at Google have been hard at work on what we know as Google Drive. The cloud storage service that is still for the most part unknown, that Google has big plans for in the coming months. We know it's coming soon, but that is about all we know. This cloud storage online file system has been long awaited from Google and now we are hearing rumors of an April release.

SoulCraft breaks out of the Tegra Zone, available for free on Google Play

We love us some NVIDIA Tegra 3 devices here at Android Community, even if they are a little thin on the ground at the moment. One of the best showpieces for the ASUS Transformer Prime has been SoulCraft, a free action RPG that's limited to the Tegra Zone, where it can show off its high-end graphics. Now developer MobileBits has released the game on the Google Play Store, so anyone with a decently powerful Android device can get in on the action.

Lenovo prepares business Android app store

While Lenovo has been making strides in the consumer market for the last few years, its heart and soul is in enterprise, where a ThinkPad laptop is the computing equivalent of sensible khakis and a power tie. Their tablets (even the ThinkPad Tablet) haven't caught on as of yet, but the company is hoping to change that with the Lenovo Enterprise App Shop, an app store for enterprise customers. (Natch.) As opposed to the Google Play Store and its alternatives, the Enterprise App Shop can be launched on a company-by-company basis, with volume licensing discounts and on-site management tools.

LG Lucid gets official on Verizon: March 29th for $80 after rebate

The previous rumors were true: Verizon is launching the LG Lucid on Thursday, March 29th. The mid-range Android phone will be a surprisingly low $79.99, making it a pretty good deal for a brand-new 4G LTE phone. Of course that price will require a new two-year contract, and (argh!) a mail-in rebate. Disappointingly but not surprisingly, the phone will launch with Android 2.3 Gingerbread (more than four months after the launch of Ice Cream Sandwich) but Verizon is already promising an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich - without giving a date. They're getting pretty good at that.
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