Earlier today we brought owners of the LTE-enabled Galaxy S II Skyrocket news of their Ice Cream Sandwich leak, and now the original Galaxy S II gets in on the party. Yes, Samsung fans, there is a Santa Clause… he was just a little late this year. The leaked update should work for all AT&T models of the Galaxy S II, and it’s pretty similar to the international GSII update released a couple of weeks ago. This is the stock version, unrooted (at the moment) and almost certainly isn’t the final version of this update. Thanks to RootzWiki for posting the leak.

The Galaxy S II ICS update brings most of the desired features of Android 4.0… except for the spiffy new interface. Nope, Samsung’s keeping a tight grip on its TouchWiz skin, though it does get a few light enhancements for the new release. All the standard goodness is still there underneath, though: a new WebOS-style Recent Apps menu, faster and smoother animations, homescreen enhancements including auto-folders, and the ability to disable carrier and manufacturer apps. (That might come in handy, considering some recent events.)

RootzWiki is providing the update via an anonymous benefactor. You’ll need the Odin download and a properly configured Windows machine with the USB driver – if you don’t have it yet, just click the source link, both files are there. The update is Android 4.0.3, the most recent version that’s available from Google’s open source archives. Remember that this is all very much unsupervised, so if you’re already rooted and running a custom recovery, do a Nandroid backup – you’re likely to lose all of your customizations thus far. If you’re nervous, you might want to just stick it out – AT&T swears that Ice Cream Sandwich is coming via and OTA update soon.