With more than a little excitement, streaming website Ustream announced today that their Android app had been downloaded 2.5 million times. Interesting, since it’s been out for almost exactly 2.5 years. Anyhoo, to celebrate the conjunction of two completely unrelated statistics, they’ve updated their app with some significant new functionality, including a complete user interface overhaul.

Version 2.0 builds on the tablet interface introduced last year and adds in an ICS color scheme and Korean language support. You can finally rotate your screen for smartphones, and finding the video you want is somewhat easier. Most significantly, there’s a new Quick Broadcast widget. Just tap the widget on your Android home screen and you’re instantly broadcasting to the entire world. Just make sure you’ve got your screen lock enabled – butt-dialing is bad enough.

The new app works for both smartphones and tablets. Standard Ustream users will be greeted with some in-app advertising, but subscribers won’t have to deal with it (after logging in, of course). If you get fed up with the advertising during a marathon broadcast session, there’s good news: you can upgrade to an ad-free subscription right inside the app via Google Wallet. Happy streaming, Internet denizens.

[via Cnet]