An unannounced smartphone from HTC is starting to make the rounds in the Chinese markets being called the HTC Wind. The device doesn’t rock the new “One” naming scheme from HTC but does feature most of the top specs HTC outlined a device must meet to be titled a “One” device. What makes it special is it also has dual-SIM slots, something that is increasingly popular in China.

The HTC Wind appears to be a pretty decent mid-range phone. Coming with a 4″ Super LCD display, Beats Audio, Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich and Sense UI 4.0, something that we thought was reserved for the “One” phones since all their previous devices are getting upgraded to version 3.6 currently. That is where the good news stops because the rest is mid-range at best.

The Wind comes with a 1.0 GHz single-core processor and only 512MB of RAM but should run Ice Cream Sandwich quite well according to HTC. The specs are pretty close to the HTC One V, but the front looks a bit like the new One S we saw at MWC. It will also come with 4GB of RAM and a 1,650 mAh battery under the hood.

For now this device will probably never leave the Chinese markets, but it’s new and appears to be one more of multiple HTC devices as of late. We thought they were going to slow it down for 2012 and produce less devices, but so far we’ve seen quite a bit still. It looks nice, but don’t expect to see it stateside.

[via Unwired View]