Google is hitting it hard with their new Play Store name for the Android Market and their other digital content. In case you haven’t noticed this afternoon Google has updated the Google Toolbar on your browser and have added a convenient link that takes you directly to the Google Play Store. Pretty neat right?

You can be searching on Google, chatting with friends on G+ or checking Gmail and instantly jump to the Android Market web store, now known as the Google Play Store. In case you didn’t know you can browse apps, movies, and books right from your computer and instantly buy them. Google’s cloud service will push the new app, purchase, or download right to the device you select over the air. That feature is nothing new but now making it one step closer and even easier to access is a good move.

Just hit the new “Play” link at the top of the page on your Google Toolbar and you’ll be browsing Google Play content in no time flat. For now it has a nice little red “New” icon next to it so everyone notices, but I’d love for that to get replaced with a little notification number for how many apps need updating. If my Google Toolbar would pop up a little notification on that Play link telling me when and how many apps have available updates — that would be awesome. Who’s with me?

Anyways this isn’t extremely crazy or new like Angry Birds: Mars or anything, but cool nonetheless. If you are still wondering what the “Play Store” is, or your Android Market has gone missing from your smartphone feel free to click this link for all the details.