The sky is falling! Mayans predicted it! It’s the end of the world as we know it! Well, nothing so dramatic – but if you rely on HTC’s Sense service to back up your phone’s data, it might as well be. The website is receiving a major overhaul soon, and aparently it’s big enough that they need to scrap just about everything they’ve built up so far. That means that on April 30th, all the personal data that HTC has saved for backups and emergencies will be wiped clean.

Don’t worry, Sense users – your data will still be sitting on your phone, nice and safe. And though HTC hasn’t detailed what it intends to do with the website and the service after the deadline, odds are pretty good that they’ve got some kind of replacement waiting in the wings. But if you want a little extra peace of mind for your synced data, you can download all of it in a personalized ZIP package. Just log in at, click on the Account overview section, then click “Download”.

What inspired this shift? Probably some new features in HTC’s SenseUI 4 update. April will be the first month that the HTC One family (X, S and V) will be widely available, and the Sense 4.0 update isn’t going out to older phones – they get version 3.6. Whether it’s just the software equivalent of switching to the Dewey system or something more exciting has yet to be seen. In any case, backup your data just to be on the safe side.