Amazon Silk: Cloud-Accelerated Web Browser for the Kindle Fire

Along with the announcement this morning of the Kindle Fire, Amazon also had something else exciting to share with everyone. They've developed a brand new cloud-based accelerated browser specially for the Kindle Fire and future Amazon tablets -- called Amazon Silk Browser. Essentially this is a browser that uses the many cloud based services and technology offered by Amazon and does all the dirty hard work and rendering for you, so users have blazing fast browser performance no matter what the situation. We have a few details and a video demo below.

Amazon Kindle Fire: Hands-on [Video]

Okay folks, I know we are all on a little Kindle Fire overload at the moment, but we have some official hands-on pictures live from the Amazon event for you all. What we have here is a super thin, lightweight, and powerful Android powered tablet coming from Amazon. We already know plenty about this device so I'll just head right into the good stuff -- our hands-on pictures.

Amazon Kindle Fire 7″ Tablet officially announced, just $199

Well folks, we are live here in NYC for the event today where Amazon has just unveiled their new tablet, the Amazon Kindle Fire. Today they've fully unleashed this new 7" tablet and are aiming for the likes of the iPad. Being smaller and more than half the price at just $199. We have all the info and pictures below so head on past the break for full details.

Kindle Fire tablet to cost $199

We told you all yesterday that we would be on hand at the Amazon event where they are announcing the Fire tablet. Vince is there right now at the live event and we will be updating as the event unfolds. However, the tablet has already leaked over on Bloomberg. It will pack in a 7-inch screen and sell for $199. That is a very nice price for a tablet assuming it performs decently.

Microsoft signs Android licensing deal with Samsung

Microsoft has announced that it has landed a patent agreement with Samsung that will allow Samsung access to the patent portfolio that has to do with Android smartphones. The announcement means that the two largest Android smartphone firms in the US are now licensing patents for Android from Microsoft. The agreement will see Microsoft paid royalties from Samsung for tablets and smartphones on the Android platform.

RIM outs details on Blackberry Runtime for Android Apps

If you are one of the few that went out and purchased a Blackberry Playbook and have been waiting with some modicum of patients for the Android app support promised to land new details have surfaced. Sadly, the news isn’t very good. RIM engineers have noted some things that will be unavailable when you run Android apps on the Playbook.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light heads to Xperia Play first

Sony Ericsson and Square Enix have announced a deal that will see one of the new video games from the game publisher coming to the Android-powered Xperia Play first. The game is called Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. The game will be available for the Play in November. There is no indication of how long the game will be an exclusive for the Play.
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