The metrics collecting cats over at Nielsen have offered up their latest insight into where the wireless mobile market is headed and what devices the people are buying today. According to the numbers collected as of August 43% of all smartphone owners have an Android device. When you dig down into the numbers Nielsen gathered another interesting metric surfaces over the last three months.

When you consider the buyers in the last three months alone 56% of them chose an Android device. According to Nielsen the number of people buying a particular handset over the last three months is a strong indicator of where the market is headed. The iOS operating system remained in second place behind Android with 28% of all smartphone users on the iOS operating system.

Nielsen reports that 28% of buyers over the last three months picked up an iOS device. That would seem to indicate that the market is heading towards Android devices for the smartphone of choice. The smartphone market overall continues to grow as well with 56% of the users that got a new device in the last three months choosing a smartphone over a feature phone. The numbers also show that 43% of all mobile subscribers are now using smartphones. Nielsen also offered insight into Android apps recently.