It seems that HTC will finally hit their time-frame for the Android 2.3 Gingerbread OTA for the HTC Thunderbolt. Although I’m not really sure if that is a fair thing to say since it was delayed in like April, then June, and now finally hitting here at the tail end of September. The updated documents and info has just went live on Verizon’s support page.

There is a long list of updates and new features most notably are just the changes brought forth with 2.3 Gingerbread so we should all be well aware of those. We have a download manager, new power management apps and more. There is also changes to the homescreen, some new docks and widgets have been added but we’ve seen all this in the numerous Thunderbolt Gingerbread leaks.

The update was said to come before the end of September, so users should start seeing the update hit their handsets any time today and throughout the week. Like usual users can choose to manually pull the update themselves rather than wait for the OTA. As always go to menu > settings > software update. Give it a try and download the new Gingerbread for the original 4G LTE smartphone — the Thunderbolt. We have no details regarding if the device will be locked down post update so as always, if you are a root user be sure to update with caution or wait for developers to dig into the OTA.

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[via Verizon]