Galaxy S Skin Flexible AMOLED Screen Concept Revealed

Before we go too far into this experiment in awesomeness, you should know that the following set of images are for a design experiment, a conceptual work made by an industrial designer wishing to explore the possibilities and current impossibilities of the way smartphones and their super amazing super AMOLED displays are able to work. This is of course therefor a Samsung Device, running with the Galaxy name, named here the Galaxy S Skin or just the Galaxy Skin, bending in all directions to give you an experience like none other.

LG Thrill 4G Hands-On and Unboxing

What we've got here is a real live glasses-free 3D device, complete with the ability to both capture 3D media through its dual-lens cameras on the back and the ability to play 3D games with its sweet TFT 3D display. In addition, you're able to output 3D media to your 3D-enabled television with the HDMI-out port on the side of the LG Thrill and it's got a 6 foot HDMI cord included in the box! What more could you want! Oh you'd like a dual-core Texas Instruments OMAP4 1GHz processor too? Well you're in luck, that's packed in too!

Samsung Within Passes FCC with 4G WiMax

For a while everyone was starting to get a little worried as to whether we would be seeing the Samsung Galaxy S II hit the U.S. but this week it has plastered the news. It's safe to say most carriers will have it here by the end of August or so. Not only will the SGSII come in white but it has now leaked with WiMax on board as well as a version for AT&T and Verizon this week.

HTC Ignite Image Leaked by Euro Retailer [Update]

What we have here is a look at what could be the next flagship HTC device. This is the HTC Ignite and it appears to have that same build quality and design that we are used to from HTC. We don't know much regarding the device pictured but our sources claim it has a few brothers coming as well but we are still waiting for more details.

Samsung Galaxy S II with 4G LTE Claims Verizon

We all figured this was coming but this might be a bit more confirmation. The Samsung Galaxy S II superphone headed to Verizon should in fact be powered by 4G LTE according to Verizon support. As long as we can believe the Twitter account of @VZWSupport. Today they tweeted they had great news, and that the Galaxy S II would indeed have 4G LTE.

HTC Vigor Benchmarks Leaked Showing Verizon, 1.5 Ghz dual-core, and 720p HD Display

First time we heard the name HTC Vigor was a random story about its camera taking photos but nothing suggested Android was on board but some new benchmarks paint a slightly different picture if they are to be believed. A recent leak of a NenaMark benchmark shows some jaw dropping specs to say the least. This is an HTC device with what the results are claiming to be a 1.5 Ghz dual-core Snapdragon CPU, as well as a 1280x720p HD display running on Android 2.3.4 and the Verizon Wireless network.

Samsung Galaxy S II to Come in White Also [Updated with Phone Image]

So you're thinking about grabbing a Galaxy S II, and you love the idea of having a white handset, but you're torn over wanting to dunk your smartphone in a vat of paint or not - fear not! According to Clove.CO.UK, you'll have the opportunity to purchase the original version of the Samsung Galaxy S II (GT-l9100) in white very soon. This is the same device you know and love from the world class review as done by Chris Davies on our sister site SlashGear, coming in 16GB with the same Super AMOLED Plus display and top-class specs!

Embattled Google lawyer says that patents are hurting innovation and leaving Google to sort through the mess

Google is currently facing multiple patent battles as the amount of litigation against the popular Android OS continues to grow. Google's Eric Schmidt says that he's not too worried about the litigation, but at least one person on the Google legal team seems to be bothered by the litigation. At the same time Larry Page, Google CEO, insists that the patent situation isn't critical.

Developers angry at Android Market search shakeup

Many developers of apps on the Android Market are unhappy today with the change of the search functionality on the Android Market. The search tweaks have seen a lot of developers that had popular apps in the past plummet in popularity and search ranking. The shakeup has seen apps that previously ranked very highly for specific keywords not return in the rankings at all for the same searches today.
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