T-Mobile has been busy this summer upgrading some of their popular phones to the latest and greatest in the mobile OS world and that is Android 2.3 Gingerbread. This news is a bit different and comes as a surprise though. Apparently HTC is now providing T-Mobile retail stores with Micro SD cards pre-loaded with select handsets update so users can either do the upgrade at home OTA, or opt to head into the nearest T-Mobile store and let the employee’s give it a shot.

This is a different approach that is for sure. This shows us the myTouch 3G Slide is getting 2.2 Froyo but in retail stores only, no OTA. The myTouch 4G is getting Android 2.3 Gingerbread even though it has already started rolling out last week. You can update it yourself or head into a store to use this new SD card method. The T-Mobile G2 is also on the list getting the same treatment.

The G2 Gingerbread build was leaked last week too, here is the details. While I like the idea of this I can’t help but wonder who all is doing the upgrades and if they’ve been properly trained. Otherwise that really nice young brunette could accidentally flash the wrong SD card and brick your new myTouch 4G instead of adding Gingerbread.

I guess this is for those so smartphone challenged (like my parents) that can’t hit the simple “OK” button when the OTA update arrives front and center on their screen. I guess it is better to have the option than nothing at all right?

[via TmoNews]