It appears that someone is out there dropping images of some phantom devices saying it’s the Galaxy S II, varied to the max on several carriers, double-time today on AT&T. What we’re seeing here is a decidedly un-appealingly shaped variant of the original Samsung Galaxy S II with extra-round corners and the newest version of TouchWiz in tow. The originator of said photo says it’ll be coming in on AT&T and notes that it’s not the same as the earlier leak today which was instead a Samsung Galaxy S Slide (or Slider, or whatever you’d like to call it.)

This device, take note, should bring up a bit of suspicion on your part as attentive readers as the top 1/10 of the image is blurred out, stopping any identification whatsoever of this device beyond the fact that it appears to be running the newest version of TouchWiz (4.0, which you can see in action back when we got to take a peek at this device at CTIA 2011 in Orlando Florida.) That’s real, that’s the good stuff. The original Galaxy S II as seen in the video in that post has sharp corners (in comparison to this supposed new version) and is already released across Europe.

What this new version says is that it’s the same as this morning’s AT&T leak but without the slide-out keyboard. What’s strange in addition to the fact that this, again, has basically no detail to it, is that while the top portion has to be blurred out in the photo above, the link from this morning needs no blur in the same section as it’s blank and black. On the other hand, it could all be due to the fact that these devices are still in testing phases and/or are only tester units with unfinished pieces hanging off of them. You decide!

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[via Phandroid]