Just last week Verizon started testing the Motorola Droid X2 Gingerbread update in what we call a “soak test”. It looks as if things went smoothly and everything is a go because the official update page is now being shown right on Verizon. This should bring the Droid X2 up to Android 2.3 as well as the exciting new enhancements to Moto Blur or whatever they are calling their user interface enhancements.

The original Motorola Droid X received the same soak test and update back at the end of May and has been enjoying those gingerbread cookies for a few months. Now it’s the Droid X2’s turn to get in on the goods. Most of the user interface changes we saw on the original X are already in the X2’s current system so the user interface shouldn’t change much for users.

With the 2.3 update you should see some small UI enhancements as well as a few of those UI fancy animations we saw on the Droid 3 when it first launched. You’ll have a new download manager as well as changes to the on-screen keyboard. Gingerbread brings with it some extra features for copy and paste that were much needed that I think many users will really enjoy. We can’t forget Google Books, it comes pre-loaded for your convenience now.

I just check my own Droid X2 and the update is yet to become available but we have a feeling it should be coming any time now so keep checking that update page if you’re just too excited and can’t wait.

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[via Verizon Support]