While I’m not going to jump into this story too deep I’ll start with linking to our Oracle Portal. You will find all the stories and background you need. Basically Oracle is suing Google for the use of Java code in the Android OS. We reported on this a while back and little bits and pieces have slowly appeared over the past few months.

While Oracle is claiming Google directly copied Java code for use in Android, others have said that story isn’t accurate. I’m sure there is plenty that the general public and even those working for both companies don’t know. It boils down to Oracle wanted a few billion dollars in return from Google for stealing code and infringing on patents.

Before these lawsuits even appeared this was already being debated so this wasn’t anything new or a surprise to Google. Back to the lawsuit, Even the judge thought the initial request for 2.6 billion in compensation for the patent infringements was a little extreme and suggested Oracle and their team of lawyers go back to the drawing boards for a more accurate claim.

Latest news that I’m just hearing looks to not only make Oracle look bad, but like they have something to hide and I’m sure the judge wont like how things appear. When Google first launched Android it seems Oracle and Sun were completely for it. Sun’s CEO posted a comment on their blog in 2007 stating how excited and pleased they were to see Google using the Java/Linux code and even added Google to the list of supporters. Here is the “deleted blog post”

I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of others from Sun in offering my heartfelt congratulations to Google on the announcement of their new Java/Linux phone platform, Android. Congratulations!
I’d also like Sun to be the first platform software company to commit to a complete developer environment around the platform, as we throw Sun’s NetBeans developer platform for mobile devices behind the effort. We’ve obviously done a ton of work to support developers on all Java based platforms, and were pleased to add Google’s Android to the list.

And needless to say, Google and the Open Handset Alliance just strapped another set of rockets to the community’s momentum – and to the vision defining opportunity across our (and other) planets.

Today is an incredible day for the open source community, and a massive endorsement of two of the industry’s most prolific free software communities, Java and Linux.

If Oracle and Sun endorsed Android way back when it first launched and fully were aware of what Google was using this could cause a huge problem for their case. And now they go out and delete the blog post like they’ve got something to hide could make things even worse. I’ve not followed this entire case but I’ve read enough to clearly see things aren’t completely lining up and they are now simply trying to snag some of the Android cash flow.

[via Phandroid]


  1. My understanding is Sun endorsed Googles use of Java in android before the were bought by Oracle, so Oracle didn’t support or endorse the deal.

  2. My understanding is Sun endorsed Googles use of Java in android before the were bought by Oracle, so Oracle didn’t support or endorse the deal.

  3. Highly suspect that they would delete the post, BUT isn’t Android being sued for copying Java code, as opposed to using Java? Those are two very different things. It would see this congratulations is on Google “implementing Java”.

  4. Did they delete a single blog post, or did they delete the entire blog of a disgraced CEO that they canned?  Oracle, for all their aggressive and sometimes nasty tactics, does understand the basic idea of deleting evidence being a BAD PLAN.

    I find it highly unlikely that the deletion was motivated by this particular issue.


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