It appears that John Gruber of the blog DARING FIREBALL has done a bit of number crunching aside a couple of factoids released by Google on Android tablet sales starting at the beginning of time and running through last week. In a recent analyst call with Larry Page and Google Co, it was announced that approximately 135 million Android devices had been activated through the 6th month of the year. Impressive number, yes? There a bit of a doozy in the works here that’ll show you that tablets aren’t exactly winning this race at the moment – not by any means! That’s not to say that they won’t soon, on the other hand.

There is a factor in play here created by Google itself. Inside Android Developer, screen size “Xlarge” is defined as any screen 7 inches or larger. Tablets here are only defined as 7-inch or 10-inch. If we’re using Google’s numbers, if tablets are only those devices that are 7-inches or larger, there’s another number we need, provided by Google, that’ll tell us exactly how many tablets have been activated thus far. Google notes that only 0.9% of activated in-use devices are tablets.

With this number we can find that of the 135 million Android devices active today, a total of 1.21 million of them are tablets. That’s not bad until you compare it to the only group with more tablet sales, Apple, with their 28.73 million iPads sold, again through June. Consider that, then consider this:

Honeycomb is less than a year old, Android will soon be releasing a new version of their mobile OS in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, an OS that will take both tablets and handsets to a new level. Also consider that of all the manufacturers lending their hand in the Android game, only a handful have created a single Android tablet, while only a couple have created more than one Android tablet.

What do you think? Will Android tablets rise to iPad levels, or are they doomed to stay small? Furthermore – do you think tablet sales will ever trump handset sales? Finally, what do you consider the smallest size for a tablet to be?

[via Daring Fireball]