Gmail Update for Android Brings Custom Notifications and Priority Sync Options

Leading the way with the latest update to Gmail for Android has to be the custom notifications and priority sync options. They've basically improved how we get notified for those like me that get tons of emails daily, and also are helping our battery life at the same time -- Thanks Google! What they've done is brought a decent list of a few much requested features in this latest and most beautiful update.

Google Search Experience Optimized for Tablets

Today Google's Mobile Division have announced improvements made to their Android and iOS tablet-specific experience for search on the web. As part of their efforts to continue to evolve the way Google's search engine and overall Google experience functions, they've simplified the layout of search results and increased the size of page contents like test, buttons and other touch targets to make it easier and more enjoyable to use Google specifically on your Android or iOS tablet. These changes are specific to the tablet experience, making one again a specific effort to make each platform as strong as the next on the part of Google for their main web presence.

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet Release Date Set for August 23rd

Original reports for the new Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet launch date was just "this summer" but now we have an official release date and you can expect to see more of the tablet come August 23rd. Lenovo officially announced the news over at today. The ThinkPad will be running Android 3.1 Honeycomb but also be paired nicely with tons of laptop posing accessories.

Motorola’s Brand New Android Camera Interface is The Bomb

Let me tell you about what Motorola has going on with their two latest devices, the DROID 3 and the PHOTON 4G. More specifically let me tell you in text what's going on with the PHOTON 4G because I've already recorded a video of what's going on with the camera on the DROID 3 [full review available here on Android Community] and you can see that below for yourself. Both cameras on these mobile devices are essentially the same, slight details moved around between the two but the same new elements in place. On the Photon 4G, which you can see a full review of early this morning both on Android Community and SlashGear, there are three pieces of new functionality, two of which are utterly awesome, that make its camera unique.

Sony Ericsson Announces Qriocity Video Service for Xperia Devices

Today the good folks at Sony Ericsson have let the world know that a brand new video service for Xperia phones will be launching starting on August 1st, 2011. This service will allow users to either buy or rent movies and television shows, this service complimenting the mobile brand's recently announced cloud based digital music service "Music Unlimited." The video service Qriocity will initially be pushed to Xperia mini and Xperia mini pro in nine markets with localization of content and movies - that means if you're in Germany, you probably won't get the movie Purple Rain. Or maybe you love Prince over there too, I don't know.

GooApple 3G Handset Melds Android OS with iPhone 4 Perfectly [Video]

Oh China, you so crazy. You've got infinite knockoffs of excellent devices, and most of the time, that is most of the time as in 99.999% of the time your knockoffs are terrible. But once in a great while there's a diamond in the rough. Here it is, how convenient! The folks at brand-name GooApple have created an iPhone 4 knockoff so real, you'll flip your lid. And what's this, it's running iOS 4 as well? Actually no, not at all. Inside you'll find all the Android you can handle, in a perfectly simulated iOS environment. Experience the Apple device with Android in it and Android printed on the back with an Apple inside him. It's the knockoff of everyone's dreams!
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