The huge Facebook campaign going after HTC has continued to pay off as of late, not only are we getting unlocked bootloaders come August or September, but a few weeks ago they released the source code to many popular devices. It appears they now have released even more today and they are some of their most popular phones.

While having the source code is not extremely important for the developer community and custom rom/kernel builders it makes the entire process much easier and speeds progress and development along with said devices. HTC just released the kernel source codes for not only the highly popular EVO 4G (after waiting forever) but also the new EVO 3D, Sensation 4G and even the Facebook HTC Status. They didn’t forget about both Incredibles either.

This is great news for developers and we should be seeing some progress on all these devices now the community has access to this information. This also comes with great timing as we might be getting unlocked bootloaders for the Sensation and EVO 3D today thanks to the amazing developers we have in the android world.

For all the downloads and kernel codes you need they are all available here.

[via HTC Developer Center]