Original reports for the new Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet launch date was just “this summer” but now we have an official release date and you can expect to see more of the tablet come August 23rd. Lenovo officially announced the news over at Lenovo.com today. The ThinkPad will be running Android 3.1 Honeycomb but also be paired nicely with tons of laptop posing accessories.

Lenovo was nice enough to let us check out this tablet already and here is our sneak peek hands-on video. Make sure you check that out as we have plenty of pictures with the laptop accessories as well as the dock. The ThinkPad will come with the same amazing 10″ IPS display as the IdeaPad K1 tablet, so users can expect great viewing angles and bright colors. We’ve already unboxed the K1 tablet and you can see more on that here.

They have nicely bundled over 25 popular applications with their new tablet line so users are getting some great and useful pre-installed apps out of the box as well as that great build quality we have seen from Lenovo Laptops over the years. With Netflix included you can watch movies anywhere. For even more photos here is the leaked press shots.

We should hopefully be getting this awesome tablet in for a full review for all our readers so we will keep you posted as the release date inches closer.

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[via Lenovo]



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