We have seen a lot of tweets and praying for unlocked bootloaders for the popular new HTC EVO 3D and Sensation 4G, latest report from HTC states an update will be available in August or September. Thanks to the amazing developer community of Android we might just get a unofficial unlock today from the teams at Unrevoked and AlphaRevX.

First we saw some progress where they might have gained root access and later AlphaRevX released a video showing S-OFF for the Sensation 4G. Now all we need is for them to release an easy way for everyone to do the same, and it’s highly likely that will be today.

Today @Unrevoked tweeted the above image to get everyone excited. They have something “revolutionary” to announce later today. They have teamed up and have been working hard on the EVO 3D and Sensation so most likely that is what we will see. We also heard reports they are joining forces to be one big amazing development team. I’m hoping for both announcements later today and will be monitoring twitter. We should be hearing more soon.

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