Back in May, we talked about the Google Music Beta service that was set to launch. The launch of the cloud service was open to invitation only and if you didn’t get an invitation, you may have been bummed. The good news is that if you know someone on the service already they will have invites they can hand out. You had better ask fast though since each of the users only gets a pair.

Google has announced that it is giving every current Google Music Beta account holder a pair of invites that they can share with anyone they want. That is assuming anyone they want to share with is in the US. If you missed the service before, it’s not a Spotify style offering or anything. It will give you access to your personally owned music library from anywhere you might be.

The music will stream from the cloud to your computer and there is an Android app that will allow you to stream to your mobile as well. I really like that mobile streaming part. I would expect support for other smartphone operating systems to come once the service leaves beta. You can play tracks by artist, album, and genre using the service or just shuffle all the tracks.