We have been seeing a lot of different reports the last week or so regarding the Samsung Galaxy S II, obviously everyone here in the U.S. is excited about it launching so hopefully Samsung gets it here fast. They even teased us with a telescope to keep our eyes out for the superphone. First we saw the Samsung Within hit the FCC, and now it seems AT&T’s version has done the same.

Early reports are claiming AT&T will receive two versions of the highly sought after phone, one being a full QWERTY slider, and the other should be similar to the original Galaxy S II with more rounded edges but that last one is still unconfirmed.

We have an extensive review over at SlashGear, and more details regarding its benchmark performance right here. Samsung now has a news sign up page and we are even hearing reports of a white Galaxy S II. Things are finally heating up here in the U.S. regarding this phone and with good reason, now all I need is a Verizon version with 4G LTE and I will most likely cave to temptation and buy it immediately.

[via Phandroid]