G2 Loose Hinge Officially Corrected

Remember way back at the beginning of time when the G2 came out on T-Mobile and everyone was all mad because the hinge was loose? We reviewed the G2 it basically right after those reports came out and the problem seemed to be fixed, if not OVERLY fixed with a super tight fitting hinge that seemed like it'd never get loose again. Now there's official word that indeed, T-Mobile did work out the problem, a T-Mobile rep telling XDA user hyunnnnny they'd even gone so far as to replace older versions with working ones.

Onkyo Introduces an Android 2.2 Tegra 250 Tablet Called TA117

What a lovely name! TA117, it rings in the ears like an oncoming storm of bits. Onkyo Japan has just sent out a press release introducing their newest Android tablet, the TA117, much faster than its crappy ol' slow TW317 predecessor, this new tablet comes packed with a Tagra 250 Chipset (1Ghz) and a bit of the soon-to-be ancient Android 2.2 Froyo. TA117 has a 10.1" (1024×600) screen, Bluetooth, microSDHC slot, HDMI, two USB 2.0 ports, WiFi, a 1.3Mpix Camera sensor in 267x173x14.8mm and 800g.

Android TV? Spotted in Australia

Behold! This is what appears very much to be Android TV. Ever heard of it before? Neither has the rest of the world. The folks over at Millenius Pty Ltd in Melbourne have just snapped up a couple of pics of Android TV, a device that supposedly runs Android 2.2, full HD 1080P Video Decoder, HDMI, Support for Flash 10.1, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 1GHz Cortex A8 CPU, Android Market, and has a total of 3 (or is it 2?) USB 2.0 ports.

Dell Streak 7: Spotted and headed toward T-Mobile

The “5-inch go anywhere tablet” now has a big brother. The new specs for the 7-inch Dell Streak are largely unknown but it is almost certain it will be sporting a webcam on the front as well as the previously included rear camera and dual LED flash.

Notion Ink Adam HDMI and Browser Tech Demoed Over Holiday Weekend in Videos

Presents for everyone! Look at this little batch of videos sent out by Notion Ink over the holiday weekend, just jamming away as the release date for the tablet comes ever closer. The hardware AND the software are showed off in a lovely set of vids that also includes an HDMI demo as well as a demo of a "false digitizer" over a Wifi connection. Benchmarking against an iPad, iPhone and other Android browsers too!

CyanogenMod 7 on the Horizon, Nexus S Alpha Version Already Out!

Those super cool developers of CyanogenMod are whipping up a new version as we speak, XDA letting us know that there's an unofficial alpha version available for Nexus S now. Christmas day there was a tweet from the folks at Cyanogen that said they'd not released an official version of 7 because they'd not fixed the camcorder yet. Later that day, a fix did indeed occur. XDA Developers forum member Koush released an alpha version with the fix, the real deal undoubtedly now heading up quick.

SoundHound app now gives unlimited music IDs

Music identification company SoundHound has unlocked the free version of its software to support unlimited track IDs. Previously, SoundHound - which is available for Android devices as well as iOS devices - only supported five IDs per month in the free version, requiring an upgrade to the premium app for any more than that. The app also shows lyrics, artist information and previews the top songs. SoundHound is still offering the premium app, for those who don't want adverts.

Cheap Intex Android phone heading to India soon

In the US, we tend to like Android devices with lots of features and most of us don’t mind paying hundreds of dollars to get the device we want. In other countries people like smartphones based on Android, but they want cheaper options too.