Behold! A couple of rather blurry images of an unboxing of what appears to be a real-deal Notion Ink Adam. Who has it? A Dutch fellow by the name of Van Gunst. His explanation for having early access to the device is that he’s a developer and and the folks at Notion Ink have sent the device out to not only people like him, but to marketing folks as well. Take a look at his full explanation and more images as he’s posted on his Twitter account in a gallery below.

If you’ll take a look over at his blogspot blog, you’ll see that Van Gunst has the following to say in response to those who would ask why he’s got a Notion Ink Adam so very early compared to the rest of the people in the world who’ve got to wait another bunch of days:

EAP Adam
Reactie van Notion Ink:
The big draw of the EAP(other than 7 weeks early access) is you are assigned a programmer and UI design to work with to help get your app going on the adam. You can relate this to what Apple did when announcing the iphone. They invited developers to their campus for a couple of weeks and they worked with Apple directly to get the apps up to standards. Notion Ink is doing the same thing only without having 200 devs in their offices.
Also, they mentioned inclusion in marketing efforts. Maybe this is like apple does with their commercials and features apps doing amazing things.
I hope that clears it up that it is more than just early access to the device.

Do these images look real to you? If I had to guess, I’d say I’m 80% positive. Why? Because they’ve got em up on the site, videos are out, and it’s definitely not THAT far away from the ship date – even if the device had to make its way to the Netherlands. His tweets are protected, but his YFrog account is not! — Thanks Samuel for the tip!


  1. Nay sayers,
    Here’s the proof that developers and marketers got ADAMs shipped to them.

    Take that John Biggs and Matt Burns of TechCrunch/CrunchGear!!!

  2. I’m in EAP2. We were supposed to have hardware weeks ago but haven’t even been contacted. No ordering information, no pricing, no communication and definitely no units.

    I’ve emailed Notion Ink twice. One response was useless and I never heard back from the second one.

  3. The images are real and they do add credibility to Notion Ink’s Adam.

    And though they are exciting to see, I’m kind of upset that they were leaked whether intentionally or unintentionally.

    This guy is an EAP participant and is not allowed to show images or talk about the Adam to anyone. He should have exercised due diligence in protecting Adam from public view. Posting photos on the internet is definitely not okay. What the heck was he thinking? He violated trust and should be dealt with accordingly by Notion Ink.

  4. Well isn’t he worried that he has breached legal agreement? Notion Ink has already disqualified 4 EAP.Seems 5th in the making

  5. @Himanshu, There’s nothing can be done now. The guy already has the Adam. But I think he did not reveal anything which NI kept secret so far. I rather think that it would help NI to increase credibility.

  6. With the trainwreck that this “release” is from NI, let’s say that it is legit. Can anyone honestly say that they would feel comfortable dealing with them post-purchase for support?

    Customer Service with NI is bound to be a nightmare.

  7. I am in EAP1 and received an Adam in good condition two days ago. However, the software is stock Android 2.2, no Eden, no special apps. While USB works for keyboards and mice, and storage, 3g doesn’t work well and only Edge seems to work well.
    Flash 10 installs from APK, but the browser will then crash if it is called, so I uninstalled. Market installs but FCs.

    I got zero support so far, much less a dedicated developer. So far they have only last night responded to an email I sent two weeks ago, so i don’t expect much help getting this thing working well enough for general use.

    Please admins do not release my name or email.

  8. This proves it! There is a thing in the world, a thing that I can not *have*. Much like a Bugatti Veyron (the main difference being that some people have been seen by the public to *have* a Bugatti Veyron). I *have* an iPad, my neighbor *has* an Archos, and people I can see clearly *have* Galaxy Tabs. You *believe in* the NI Adam.

    Let me put it another way. You believe in magic unicorns, but I can’t actually *see* you riding around on one. It would not surprise me to later see you on a pony with a plastic horn duct-taped to it. Neither would it surprise me to see you in the returns line at the post office in about two months with a box marked “Notion Ink Adam” or perhaps even in a cafe, frequently rebooting your Adam and explaining confidently that the secret feature will soon arrive, “stability.”

  9. Man…you Notion freaks are starting to scare me a little (and I as that as someone who salivated over an Adam for a looooong time).

    They’ve already taken money for a run. They’ve ‘had it ready’ for months. They claim to be able to ship in about a week…

    …and it’s just getting to developers now. Not six months ago, not even six weeks ago. ONE WEEK before the first batch are to be in their customers’ hands.

    This thing isn’t going to be on a shelf for you to buy it until March, if that. By the time I can walk into Best Buy and actually purchase one of these…WITHOUT the retarded internet hypelines, WITHOUT having to transcribe half answers in pidgin English, WITHOUT dealing with incredulity-inspiring purchase provisions, I’ll be able to buy a Motorola tablet that ought to be this thing’s equal. Noting Ink may be its Adam shipped eventually, but that’ll be the last Notion Ink product.

    R.I.P., Notion Ink. Rohan, next time ship the thing, if not when you say you will, then at least six months earlier. If I was typing this on your product, you’d have been a billionaire not too far after that, I’d think.

    (Translation: you had a great idea…but you sick at business. Hire someone to run your company, and you be Chief Development Officer, or something.)

  10. I dont know what the fuss is about… We are not seeing anything new in this photo… No boot screens.. no info about the hardware.. In fact no unboxing at all… Only one shot of the adam, which we have already seen a million times.. i don expect this guy to be disqualified.. he has not released much info at all

  11. Scott,

    You complain about having to transcribe “pidgin English” as if speaking English as your first language gives you some privilege…. but more importantly, you should proofread your own content….

    “…but you sick at business.” requires a verb to complete the thought…

    just saying… glass houses and all…


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