Huawei has formally and officially announced that it’s entering the American market. It may also go into other North American regions like Latin America but first, we want to get things straight about the OEM’s status in the United States. After weeks of anticipation and saying the brand may challenge Apple and Samsung once Huawei begins to expand in the country, now we’re hearing mobile carriers will not sell Huawei phones.

We’ve been saying Huawei may offer the Mate 10 Pro first through Verizon. Well, the phone did debut in the US and will be available starting next month. However, it was made known AT&T won’t sell Huawei Android phones. Verizon may likely not sell the phones as well even though it was said to be the first to offer the Mate 10 Pro.

AT&T has been urged to cut the deal with Huawei. Lawmakers in the US are discouraging the carrier due to the numerous security and spying issues of China according to some sources. AT&T is said to have a deal with China Mobile already but because of national security concerns, this partnership will not push through.

The plans have been scrapped already much to the chagrin of AT&T loyal subscribers who’ve been wanting to get their hands on the latest premium flagship phones from Huawei. You see, Huawei is one of the best in the mobile industry today. There is a reason why it’s the number one Chinese OEM.

Federal regulators were urged by members of the Congress to discontinue the deal. We’re not totally surprised about this change because there are other Chinese acquisitions also being blocked over national security concerns. There’s the issue of spyware being installed on China-made phones. AT&T isn’t the only one advised to cut ties with Huawei and China Mobile. Other firms are also urged to do the same.

This isn’t exactly good news for the Chinese tech giant but third-party stores and retailers can and will continue to sell Huawei Android phones. Let’s wait and see how the brand will perform in the sales game.

VIA: Reuters