Huawei’s entry into the US market is getting more real than ever. Another executive shared the good news the brand will begin selling phones in the American market through several mobile carriers. This means another possible rival for Apple and Samsung. More details will be announced at the upcoming CES 2018. It’s happening in a few weeks time so we suggest you relax and wait. You can get your hopes up if you’re a fan of premium phones from the top Chinese OEM in the past.

Yu also added Huawei will introduce the Mate 10 first. There’s no confirmation though from what network or how much the phone will be. The company isn’t a total stranger in the American market. It sells some items online and through electronics stores. It doesn’t hold a significant percentage of the mobile industry yet but it has potential to become bigger in the US. It’s already the third biggest name in the global market, trailing behind Samsung and Apple.

Huawei is positive it can be good for the US market. Yu said, “I think that we can bring value to the carriers and to consumers. Better product, better innovation, better user experience.”

The OEM currently has a strong position in China and India. It overtook Xiaomi a few years ago in its home country while in India, an emerging market, it’s becoming a favorite of the locals because of the premium specs and reasonable price. Once Huawei phones enter the US, we’re assuming more people will prefer them over Samsung’s flagships and the Apple iPhone line that can be very expensive. There is a possibility Huawei may even overtake the two.

Huawei isn’t a “cheap, low-cost company” as reiterated by Yu but it can deliver inexpensive, top quality phones. It also has plans to enter Japan through mobile carriers.