We have no doubt that T-Mobile will be able to deliver 5G technology. It’s only a matter of waiting for the time when it’s fully ready for public release with most of the issues solved already. T-Mobile and another carrier have officially ended merger discussions but the company is still pushing through with its plan to introduce its own fifth-generation network in the United States. It will take a few years but by the year 2020, expect 5G to be widely available in the country.

T-Mobile, through its CTO Neville Ray, said that the new network will be ready by 2020. Recently at the Morgan Stanley European Technology, Media and Telecoms Conference in Barcelona, Spain, Ray said: “We are committed to roll out 5G across the nation by 2020.”

The tech is still being tested though. Over a year ago, 5G connectivity reached 12 Gbps in a test. That was before so we’re assuming it’s faster than ever now and by the time T-Mobile makes the grand commercial launch. The carrier now offers 600 MHz LTE support for LG V30 which is already fast. While 5G is being tested and improved, T-Mobile’s 2G network will operate only until the year 2020.

Efforts for 5G have begun as early as 2015 when we learned a 20GBs per second 5G network would debut in 2018 Winter Olympics. Verizon has also started 5G trials. AT&T also performed trial tests last year in partnership with Nokia. The FCC is positive the 5G tech will be available sooner than soon. In South Korea, Verizon and KT have partnered to work on the 5G technology standards.

We have no idea when exactly in 2020 will T-Mobile launch 5G in the country but we’re just glad the carrier and other companies are committed to bringing the technology to more people.

VIA: Reuters