After learning that AT&T has collaborated with Nokia for 5G connectivity trials, here’s Verizon and KT partnering together to come up with global standards for the highly-anticipated 5G wireless network. It’s a new technology that still needs further research, development, and testing but people all over the world are already getting excited over it. Obviously, every netizen and mobile user just couldn’t wait for the new super fast connection. An FCC executive recently said it will be ready sooner than expected as several tests are already under way.

As early as September 2015, we knew of Verizon’s plans for 5G trials for this year for the 2020 launch. It seems that its plans will be fulfilled earlier as KT’s global profile lists a 2018 demonstration of 5G. Verizon may be able to launch ahead of its original launch year but everything will depend on the results of their partnership.

In South Korea, major mobile carriers like KT, SK Telecom, and LG Uplus are all working hard to build the 5G infrastructure. The technology is already available but it still requires further development and testing. Meanwhile in the US, FCC is still in the process of defining the spectrum of 5G.

We’re assuming this KT-Verizon partnership has something to do with the 20GBPS 5G network set to launch at the 2018 winter olympics and for the bigger commercial launch in 2020. That seems like a long time from today but we have a feeling it will be sooner than soon.

Hwang Chang-gyu, Chairman of KT said, “Global partnership for the 5G standardization is very crucial ahead of its planned commercialization in 2020, as a single firm or country alone cannot achieve the goal. We are going to offer the optimum 5G services and technologies through the partnership with Verizon.”

This partnership will have the two companies working together so 5G technology will be strengthened. Other networks may also have their own research and dev team but as with any collaboration, we expect this to be a success.

VIA: Korea Times


  1. Thanks both accomplices for joining forces together to concoct worldwide norms for the exceptionally foreseen 5G remote system. It’s another innovation that still needs advance research, improvement, and testing yet individuals everywhere throughout the world are as of now getting energized over it. The innovation is as of now accessible yet despite everything it requires encourage advancement and testing.


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