T-Mobile is becoming more known as the Uncarrier. It’s been introducing a number of great promos including a rewards program and the unlimited data plans. For some people, contracts have been changed or made better. We can expect more to be announced as the company is set to reveal new services on September 6. A teaser was recently shown off but details are still scarce.

Rumor has it the new flagship phones from LG and Samsung, the V30 and the Galaxy Note 8, will be offered for lower prices compared to other carriers. We’re not sure what plan will give more value for money but the JUMP! program is said to be replaced. T-Mobile is determined to “change wireless for good” so on Wednesday, September 6, 2017 at 8AM, expect its CEO, John Legere, to make an impression with his performance announcement. The announcement will be live-streamed HERE and HERE.

T-Mobile has also just announced that it will offer the LG V30 which will be the first to support the Un-Carrier’s 600 MHz LTE sites. This is only the beginning for 5G connectivity in the United States, thanks to T-Mobile’s partnership with Ericcson. This means ultra fast mobile Internet connection on the LG V30. It’s still a new technology but it’s being deployed for further expansion across America starting in rural areas first being the spectrum is clear there.

All these efforts make T-Mobile the first to roll out “5G-ready technology in record-breaking time” in the US.

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  1. Can anyone explain the benefits of this new spectrum to someone like me? I live in NYC, where coverage and speed is already exceptional. Will it work in high-rise buildings better? Buildings in general? I’m trying to decide whether it’s worth getting the V30 or not. Thanks for any input!

    • Think of it as something like cars. if you bought a car in say 1980 you might have gotten like 15-20 miles per gallon.
      Today you can get them with up to 38 Miles per gallon so you can drive more miles on a tank of gas.
      The 600 Mhz would be the car of today but instead of driving, it would reach or penetrate farther
      so yes it would be better for indoor buildings but rather or not it’s worth it to get the V30 depends on rather or not T-Mobile gets your area this year or next year.
      If you absolutely need a new phone now then it would probably be best to go ahead and get the V30 because then when it does come you are already covered.
      If you don’t really need a phone right now then personally I myself would wait till Next year but that is really up to you


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