Now that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is dead, its main rivals as premium flagship phones such as the LG V20 and Google Pixel XL can take advantage of the market. It’s the best time for the two companies to advertise and make the world know that their phones are great alternatives to the Note 7. We’ve seen the Google Pixel XL compared to the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge in a speed test earlier.

Meanwhile, the LG V20 sales is doing good in the United States. In its first 10 days, LG sold about 200,000 units in the country. That’s impressive and we believed it’s the LG V20’s time to shine. We know the V20 is durable enough because it undergoes 60,000 tests before release and unit boasts of high repairability.

PhoneBuff aka David Rahimi placed the Google Pixel XL and the LG V20 side-by-side in a speed test. This guy has done a number of durability tests already including that OnePlus 3-Samsung Galaxy S7 Speed Test, HTC 10-Samsung Galaxy S7 Drop Test, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs IPhone 6S Drop and Speed Tests.

Watch the video below:

The Google Pixel XL is slightly faster than the LG V20 when it comes to loading the apps but that’s probably because it has a newer processor–Snapdragon 821 versus the Snapdragon S820 on the LG V20. That’s only a small difference. The Google phone finished opening all apps in 1 minute and 36 seconds while it took the LG V20 some 1 min and 43 seconds.

What’s interesting is the second part of the speed test because the LG V20 suddenly became faster. The Pixel XL struggled to relaunch the apps while the LG V20 was able to reopen them smoothly.

SOURCE: PhoneBuff