Last month, speed tests between the OnePlus 3 and the unofficial reigning king of Android devices, the Samsung Galaxy S7 showed that despite the former’s 6GB RAM, it still had nothing on the latter. It came to the point that OnePlus co-founder responded to the critics on social media, saying that their RAM management is more focused on battery rather than speed. But now a new speed test conducted after a RAM management update for the OnePlus 3 shows that they did listen to their critics.

YouTube channel PhoneBuff is the one that conducted this speed test, and they did so on the Exynos variant of the Samsung Galaxy S7, which some say is the better one, and the updated RAM management of the OnePlus 3. And this time around, the Chinese brand maximizes the speed of the RAM and leaves the Galaxy S7 in the dust. In the beginning, they were neck and neck as they both opened the same programs including Subway Surfer, Hulu, etc.

But eventually, the OnePlus 3 pulled away and was able to finish opening all the apps in the background in 1:57 while the Galaxy S7 finished almost 20 seconds later at 2:17. This means that the RAM management now deals with both battery performance (which was their priority before according to Pei) and multi-tasking (which users were looking for as well).

You can check out the speed test for yourself in the video below and judge if this is now the “best user experience” that the OnePlus 3 can give, aside from just prolonging your device’s juice.