Well what do you know? We got a PlayStation phone in the mail! This device is one of Verizon’s newest handsets, it being produced by Sony Ericsson and of course it being the very first and only PlayStation Certified smartphone in the world. It’s running Android 2.3.2 Gingerbread, connects to data via Verizon’s 3G network, and it comes in a rather unexciting box. It’ll sell itself, I swear! Inside the device you’ll find more than just guts, you’ll find a perfectly usable set of PlayStation controls including flat joysticks, directional pad, and four PlayStation buttons. There’s also a start button, a select button, and an extra Android menu button so you don’t have to reach all the way up to the side of the display. Left and Right buttons are up top (behind the display when open) and a volume dongle sits in the middle. Lets get our hands on it and see how it goes!

This device has been in production (or at least whispered about) since the beginning of time it seems. A year ago or so we were just starting to hear that the device would be a reality, a PlayStation phone in the works – wow! Then the big news bit came: it would be working on Android – with Gingerbread! The excitement grew and grew! Then we got our first glimpses of the device and wondered where the joysticks where – boy were we fooled! Then it was said to be carried by Verizon, running as a Sony Ericsson Xperia device, and we pulled our spleens out in excitement because it was real, there was really a PlayStation phone in the works!

[vms 47b49876cbaffbc9954f]

And now here it is. It’s a phone that runs Android Gingerbread, it’s optimized to do so, and it’s easily the nicest Xperia device in production right this moment. Have a look at our unboxing video and get pumped up because – oh what’s that – there’s another phone in the box! ALSO note: noticeably absent is the Sony Ericsson boot animation we know appeared on the Euro version of this device (as seen here.) Does this absence point toward some sort of reason why the device was released in the USA last amongst essentially all countries in the world?

Also what I want / need you citizens to do is ask us all sorts of questions about this device – what do you want to know?

We’re here to answer all the questions and put this device through ALL the tests!

Stay tuned!

BONUS here’s what we saw back at CTIA – now it’s time to see what’s changed since then:

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