The Sony PlayStation phone, AKA the Sony Erisson Xperia, has been the the focus of the internet lately. Ever since its initial leak, we have been seeing a lot of the phone. This time, we have the device up against the PSP-1000, the PSP Go, DSi, GBA SP and other Sony Ericcson handsets courtesy of android.tgbus.

The device is just as we have seen, but the comparison to the other devices gives us more of a perspective. The device is running a third-party emulator was downloaded and tested, with 70 percent success, but as far as telling us anything special, it’s worthless.

Hit up the source link for more detailed pics, but as far as information – it’s all in Chinese.

[Via Joystiq]


  1. Some quotes,

    Google translate:

    The evaluation room to reach Sony Ericsson mobile phone is not the official retail version of PS, but nearly 90% of the official version of the engineering prototype!

    This means PSPhone mode of operation in the game on innovation, not only absorbed the NDS touch + physics two-way control key, also has a proud iPhone all-touch way. Both in the field of smart phone or handheld game consoles, Sony Ericsson PSPhone is enough to standout from the crowd.

    The PSPhone back with 500 million pixel camera, autofocus and support not only AF 720P HD recording, but also comes with LED flash auxiliary lighting; believe that in future there will be many special effects make full use of the camera game appears.

    with the Google Android 2.3 system began to support the physical mapping of keys, the next game developers can easily to PSPhone development of proprietary games.

    then Google is not open front camera API interface, X10i does not support 3G video calls

    Sony Ericsson PSPhone like a “double man”, when combined cover, it is a mobile phone XPERIA series. When open the screen, it gorgeous dress, has become a Play Station Handheld game consoles. As early as the first quarter of 2009, Sony launched the PSP, slide type, has opened a new chapter in the history of handheld form; and PSPhone the continued slide of this classic design.

    Even if the direction of Motorola’s key milestones (right), can not match PSPhone

    But the more regrettable as the project unit’s sake, the current degree of system optimization PSPhone only 80% of the operation, often there will be some instability. Released from the vendor a few months, I believe that during this period PSPhone will receive the most perfect upgrade!

    PSPhone has reached the current top-end Android phones 854 × 480 resolution; so great precision beyond the resolution of 480 × 272 pixels PSP. However, follow us all wondering, it can directly run PSP games? According to the information Xiaobian present only temporarily unable to accurately determine its future ability to run PSP games. But according to screen resolution determine; approximately double the amount of filling the array of pixels (outer black bands), presage a future Sony Ericsson PSPhone transplantation foreshadowed PSP games?

    In addition to the official PlayStation Pocket, the user also can download a third party PS emulator. After measurement, 70% of the PS game can run smoothly on the PSPhone, strong enough to ensure the functioning of the continuity of the game. While the remaining 30% of the game does not run is because ROM version of the problem, this is the official simulator are the bane of more headaches, after all PS games too long ago.

    Sony Ericsson PSPhone the key to winning is the top performance of both is a smart phone, but also absorbed the iPhone and a touch gameplay NDS PSP handheld game. Sony PSP game console to play at the release of a “21st century Walkman” on the cover, which incorporates three major elements of MP3/MP4 and high-performance games, in one fell swoop overturned exclusive Nintendo handheld GBA age 9 percent share of the market history; In the next-generation handheld war split the world with the NDS. Now PSPhone will once again become the industry’s dark horse, subversive pattern of mobile game industry today? Xiaobian not speculate, but I hope all of them will wait and see!

  2. If it’s a Fony it’s fine. If it’s a Sony it’s fail.

    Sony products are always developed around some kind of propriatary lock ins. I’d like to see a product designed around our actual needs. Sony needs to roll up their sleaves and start competing instead of being too smart for their own good.


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