The Sony Xperia Play is a great little device in case you didn’t know. If you want to see it in action check out our Xperia Play Review by Chris Davies. Today we have a little treat for you guys. The Xperia Play is not for sale in the US yet, but for those that are anxiously waiting for it, you can now put the Plays boot animation on your phone. That should hold you over until it arrives for everyone.

The boot animation is something many people have fun with and enjoy changing on their android phones. It is an easy way to make it seem completely different. Instead of talking about it, I’ll just get right down to the goods. Below is full instructions, as well as the download for the of the Xperia Play. I threw it on my MT4G for a minute and it sure looks neat. As always be careful when changing or modding things. I always like to do a nandroid backup just to be safe.


1. download the file by clicking here

2. get root explorer. if you don’t have root explorer spend the few bucks in the marketplace and get it.

3. place the bootanimation file you just downloaded in the root of your sd card

4. open root explorer

5. locate the file you just moved to the sd card and long click it, then select “move”

6. navigate to this folder: /data/local/

7. click “paste” at the bottom of screen and overwrite exisiting file.
note: If you want to revert to the old bootanimation I suggest backing up the old one before overwriting it

8. that is all, reboot and enjoy your new Xperia Play boot animation

as an alternative, or if you don’t want to buy Root Explorer and are familiar with adb you can also just push the animation to the same /data/local
Only use adb if you are familiar with it, plug your phone in and move the to the root of your SDK folder then just push it with this command:

adb push /data/local

And you are done, Enjoy!