Samsung is still pushing the Bixby. Unfortunately, this special feature is still delayed no thanks to the lack of big data and syntax and grammar issues. We also heard that it’s being challenged to learn languages beyond Korean. It’s already available in the US for the Galaxy S8 duo as an early access and after being out in South Korea initially.

We’ve earlier noted about the Bixby button being remapped for other functions. Samsung disabled it but we still heard of its beatboxing and rapping skills. The feature isn’t fully ready yet so devs are still trying to go around the button by launching apps or doing some more remapping like the Custom Bixby Button or Bixby Button Remapper.

Interestingly, the remap function was recently broken after an update was released. One owner of a T-Mobile Galaxy S8+ shared his discovery. It appears Samsung is blocking again some apps because the ones we mentioned a while ago are no longer working.

We’re not surprised this happened but only T-Mobile users are affected. This could be because they’re the ones receiving an update earlier. We’re guessing other carriers will also follow and the same will happen to their Galaxy S8 or S8+. We’ll see.

VIA: Android Police