When you hear the words “Bixby update”, don’t get too excited just yet as there’s still no news of when the OEM’s voice-activated digital assistant will finally hit the English-speaking shores. But for those who already have it on their Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ devices in South Korea, there is a new update available for it. You will now be able to give Bixby shortened instructions, bypass a locked screen when in safe locations, plus other minor improvements.

When you’ve finally updated the AI assistant, you can now set it up that it will understand shortened instructions that you have set as “favorites”. For example, instead of saying, “Bixby, can you check the balance of Woori Bank’s account?”, you can set it up that it will understand the command, “Woori bank account” or “account balance” and give you the information you need. Go to the “Getting Close to Bixby” from the home menu and start setting up your shortened instructions.

The update also lets you automatically eliminate a locked screen when you’re in a designated “safe location”. When your screen is locked and you ask Bixby to play music, it doesn’t follow your command and instead shows a locked screen. But now you can register some places as safe locations and if you’re there and your screen is still locked, it can bypass that and just do as you asked.

Other minor changes in the update include more card exposure algorithm on Bixby home, force closing of applications that happen sporadically on a gallery card, and the ability to change the background color of Bixby Voice. Now if only they will finally release the voice-activated version of Bixby in other territories.

VIA: ET News