Samsung official 3-point bend test Galaxy S6 edge

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is a hot topic right now. It’s been the subject of several stress tests that are really stressful for anyone to watch. There’s that brutal drop test which the phone survived, the speed test against the iPhone 6 that proved Samsung’s latest flagship phone is faster, and the water test that proved it is only water-resistant and not waterproof. Another drop test composed of three mini-tests (a drop test, a back drop test, and a front-facing test) allowed us to conclude that you need a protective case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge because it may not survive harsh drops. The unit may still work but it won’t be glitch-free.

The most recent of all, the one by SquareTrade, was at least done in a “scientific” and more professional manner. SquareTrade, a company that provides warranty service for appliances and consumer electronics, did the same test it previously used for the iPhone 6 Plus. It found out that the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge deforms at the same pressure of 110 pounds. Obviously, both smartphones (any phone actually) would bend under great pressure. That is expected but the Galaxy S6 edge had more problems: it bent only at 110 pounds, screen shattered along the curved edge display, and it completely felly apart at a pressure of 149 pounds. Again our conclusion: use a super hard-core protective case to protect your S6 edge.

Because it was professionally done, the particular test caught the attention of Samsung. The South Korean giant officially released a statement on the durability testing. The company wanted to address a number of things. Samsung said that the 110-pound pressure “rarely occurs under normal circumstances” and that the test did not show the strength of the back side. Samsung even challenged SquareTrade to do another stress test that targets both the back and front sides, and present the test to the public once again.

According to Samsung, all devices are put under “rigorous high-quality validation tests” that include dropping, breaking, and breakage. Samsung also pointed out that their “smartphones are not bendable under daily usage”.

Samsung also released a video of their very own Three-Point Bend Test:

So yeah, the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge can survive normal pressure. For it to bend and break? That has got to be under a very rare and extreme condition. Now let’s see if SquareTrade is up to the challenge.

SOURCE: Samsung