iphone 6 vs samsung galaxy s6 edge speed test

How fast is the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge? We already know the phone is tough and ready for rough use according to a recent drop test video we’ve seen but is the phone speedy enough? The South Korean tech giant boasts that the Samsung Exynos 7 Octacore processor makes the Galaxy S6 edge very fast. This is the first time Samsung has ditched the Qualcomm Snapdragon for its very own Exynos processor. It seems to be a good decision now that there’s a demo video proof that the Samsung Exynos 7 is faster than the A8 processor used on the iPhone 6.

Watch the video below and you’ll notice early on that the Galaxy S6 edge responds faster compared to the iPhone 6. The two smartphones were installed with the same set of apps on the home screen. With two hands, err…fingers, the two latest flagship phones from the top 2 phone makers were tested for speed. Apps on each row were opened at the same time. The Galaxy S6 edge appears to be the winner in this kind of speed test.

Opening all 16 apps only took 2 minutes and 9 seconds on the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy S6 edge while it took 2 mins. and 17 seconds on the iPhone 6. The 8-second difference may seem nothing but in the mobile arena, it matters. (Or did you really notice?)

I don’t doubt that the Galaxy S6 edge is fast but some commenters on YouTube have noted that the apps on the Samsung phone were already running in the background and hand movement on the iPhone 6 was slower. Or maybe those were Fandroids and Apple Fans battling at the comment section. What do you think?

SOURCE: AndroidGameE


  1. i actually looked at the difference between the image quality on Template run.. the Galaxy S6 have much better colors and sharper screen

  2. The way I see it, the Galaxy S6 is running at a higher resolution. So even if it barely beat out the iPhone, that shows how much more powerful it is to load up almost twice the amount of pixels each time.

  3. This test is terrible, and completely non scientific. The apps are built on different platforms. It could just be that some are built better for one platform or the other.

    Also the Android device never fully closes the apps, so it is at a distinct disadvantage. Remember IOS doesn’t do TRUE multitasking.

    If you did a second half of this test and required the user to reopen all the same apps, it would most likely take the iPhone another 2 Min 17 sec, but on the Android device the apps are all still running in the background so it wouldn’t even take a full minute to reopen them all.

    The TRUE multitasking is what really makes Android > Apple IOS. The front end speed to initially launch apps is so simian on all top end phones now it’s not a big deal.

  4. Worst test I’ve ever seen. Firstly flip board caused a huge delay which it never does on my iPhone. Yahoo was opened with the screen halfway down the page which was clicked on to bring to another page, that didn’t happen on the S6. Bullshit.

  5. Not really much of a difference. You would be really nitpicking to pick the better phone here. Phones have now got to the stage were there is really nothing new to see and manufacturers are really struggling to add new features that people are going to find useful and use.


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