Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Purple

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is arriving very soon. It will come together with the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Instead of Galaxy Z Flip 2, the South Korean tech giant is calling the new foldable clamshell phone as the Galaxy Z Flip 3. That is to avoid confusion and well, it is technically the third model already. There was the original Samsung Galaxy Z Flip from last year and then another 5G variant of the foldable smartphone was released a few months later.

The latest we have are rendered images that include the possible color options. We learned there will be the Dark Grey, Purple, and Yellow versions of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. The flip-phone-style foldable phone is expected to be revealed in August but before it happens, more information and images will surface.

These Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 may also be available in more colors. Our source said the phone will also be ready in White, Dark Blue, Pink, Black, Grey, and Beige. A two-tone design is also a possibility.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 will again feature a 6.7-inch internal display with 25:9 aspect ratio. The external screen will be bigger at 1.9-inches so more info can be shown. We can also expect a dual camera system in a vertical orientation, Samsung Pay with MST and thinner bezels and frame,

An under display camera will be present. The battery may be larger now. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 will run on the premium Snapdragon 888 chipset by Qualcomm. Global launch is said to be on August 3 with a $1,400 price tag which is more affordable compared to last year.