For a while everyone was starting to get a little worried as to whether we would be seeing the Samsung Galaxy S II hit the U.S. but this week it has plastered the news. It’s safe to say most carriers will have it here by the end of August or so. Not only will the SGSII come in white but it has now leaked with WiMax on board as well as a version for AT&T and Verizon this week.

We’ve seen a Galaxy S II Slider from AT&T as well as a regular model, then news suggesting Verizon would be first to market with a Galaxy S II, and with 4G LTE. So we have seen more than our fair share about this superphone already this week.

Now the Samsung Within has cleared the FCC and will have all the specs we already know and love about the Galaxy S II but will also be packing 4G WiMax radios and we all know what that is for. Sadly the only team missing out on the fun is T-Mobile, but they have the Samsung Hercules so don’t worry all you Magenta subscribers you’ll be taken care of.

[via Phandroid]