We all figured this was coming but this might be a bit more confirmation. The Samsung Galaxy S II superphone headed to Verizon should in fact be powered by 4G LTE according to Verizon support. As long as we can believe the Twitter account of @VZWSupport. Today they tweeted they had great news, and that the Galaxy S II would indeed have 4G LTE.

We have been hearing lots of chatter regarding this phone and with good reason as its arguably the best handset on the market. Yesterday we heard rumors suggesting Verizon would get it first in the U.S. and now we hear with 4G things are starting to shape up. What will come first the Galaxy S II 4G LTE, or the Droid Bionic?

We also saw leaks of a SGSII Slide headed for AT&T so I think it’s safe to say the Galaxy S II is finally ready to break down the doors of U.S. carriers and start getting some American love. Sadly support reps that happen to be behind the keyboard often make mistakes so hopefully this is not the case. You’ve got everyone excited so how about some pictures?

[via Twitter]