Who loved what they saw in the Samsung Galaxy Note but were hoping for a more in-depth look? Well today is your lucky day and we have just that — A full out 10 minute video overview in 720p HD to cure any Note cravings users might still have. The Galaxy Note is a 5.3″ beast of a phone/tablet and it was unveiled back at IFA this year so feel free to look over our hands-on video & coverage.

Now that the Samsung Galaxy Note is for sale in a few places like the Netherlands and soon throughout the UK we are starting to hear a little more chatter about this 5.3″ Super AMOLED HD packing phone with its 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and note taking capabilities. Below, thanks to our friends at newgadgets.de we have an awesome in-depth video for you guys to check out while we await its arrival here in the US. — Thanks Johannes

Galaxy Note 10 minute video review

As I said above we’ve covered the Galaxy Note in depth and you can see all our coverage in the Galaxy Note Portal. Samsung recently released the Note source code and now developers can dive in head first and see what this tabletphone is all about, as well as letting the modding and tweaking begin. It was recently spotted at the FCC with AT&T bands so we are still hopeful for a US launch sometime soon, although we still have no guarantees. One more time, here is our Galaxy Note hands-on and even a video comparison between the Tab 7.7 and the Galaxy S II.

Galaxy Note Hands-on

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