Rejoice, stylus enthusiasts and fans of unreasonably large smartphones! The Samsung Galaxy Note is now in the hands of the FCC. The hardware they’re looking at has an HSPA+ radio for AT&T’s wireless frequencies, and that’s the first solid evidence yet that Samsung’s uber-phone is coming to these United States.

Samsung made a splash earlier this month when it announced the Galaxy Note, a variant of the popular Galaxy S II platform with an enormous 5.3-inch screen. Perhaps even more impressive, the resolution on the Super AMOLED + panel is a jaw-dropping 1280 x 800, a size that was relegated to the laptop category just a few years ago. The Galaxy Note also features a unique capacitive stylus and customizations to Android 2.3 Gingerbread to take advantage of it, with various note-taking and drawing applications shown.

The Galaxy Note stole the show at IFA (along with its only slightly bigger cousin, the Galaxy Tab 7.7) and gadget fiends all over the world have been clamoring to try out the tablet/phone hybrid. While a Samsung representative previously stated that they had  “no plans” to bring either device stateside, it appears that at the very least AT&T is interested in a potential release. An FCC filing isn’t a confirmation by any means, but it’s a promising indication that the Galaxy Note will be released on AT&T, possibly in the spring of 2012.

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[via SlashGear]



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