All eyes have been on Samsung today, with the company showcasing the ultra portable Galaxy Tab 7.7 then quickly following that with the new Galaxy Note. Not only do both of these have 1280 x 800 AMOLED display’s but they both also offer voice and data connectivity. Can you imagine using the Galaxy Tab 7.7 like a phone?

I don’t know about you but the Galaxy Tab 7.7 may be awesome but holding that bad boy up to my ear might be a task, but I’d love to walk around town and see what types of looks I get. Luckily for us our man Chris Davies will take the humiliation instead and was nice enough to pose with not only the Galaxy Tab 7.7, but also with the much anticipated Galaxy Note.

First off we have a quick video comparing all three of these awesome devices. This is the Galaxy Note vs Tab 7.7 vs Galaxy S II all in a quick hands-on video for you to look over and maybe help you decide if the size is too much for you, or if you could see yourself using something like the Note daily.

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I did mention we had a few poses with these new devices from Samsung so I’ll start with the big one. The Galaxy Tab 7.7 has some awesome features and you can see our hands-on here. Along with a 7.7′ 1280 x 800 resolution display it will also feature full 3G HSPA+ for both voice, and data connectivity. It remains to be seen if U.S. carriers will be ok with that, but here’s the photo for you all to laugh and enjoy.

The Tab 7.7 isn’t ideal for a phone but sure would make an awesome tablet. It’s thin, lightweight, and extremely powerful with a 1.4 Ghz dual-core processor and would be a perfect mobile companion.

Next we have the Galaxy Note. You’ve probably seen plenty of this new item today but just in case here is our hands-on. The Note is what Samsung is calling the perfect device. Not too big, and not too small they feel 5.3″ is as large as users would want to go, and still consider it a phone. What do you guys think? Again our man Chris Davies has an up close and personal shot for you to actually see what the Galaxy Note would look like if you were to use it as a smartphone. Personally I think I could handle that and want one immediately.

He doesn’t look too happy but trust me — he’s loving it.

Now I could go on for a long while regarding both of these Phoneblets or whatever you want to call them. We’ve all seen the specs and if not they are both conveniently linked to above more than a few times. I’ve always said I felt that anything over 4.3″ was just too big, and isn’t something I’d ever consider using on a day-to-day basis — then I tried the Samsung Infuse with its 4.5″ display and it didn’t seem so bad. While Apple still thinks a 3.5″ screen is plenty Samsung is wasting no time bringing out the big guns with the Galaxy Note. They feel not only is 4.5″ suitable as they’ve launched the SGSII all across the US with a big 4.5″ display, but now they are quickly bringing the Galaxy Note to market next.

Is this a trend where we are going to slowly but surely get larger and larger, or will the Galaxy Note meet the same fate as the failed Dell Streak 5? Being thinner, lighter, faster, sexier, and having a huge 2500 mAh battery I have a feeling the Galaxy Note will be a huge success.

Enough about what I think I want you guys to check out the video above, look over all the photo’s below and ask yourself what the right size device for your everyday needs would be. We’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts, input and comments so feel free to drop a comment in the appropriate section below.

Is it time to Tab, time to Note, or is the Galaxy S II just right?

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